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You have different accommodation choices:

‘Homestay’ is when you live with an Australian family in their home. The homestay family provides you with meals, laundry facilities and your own room with a study desk. You are usually asked to share some household chores. Homestay also gives you the chance to practise your English every day at home.

Homestay costs range from AUD$300-A$345 per week.

Hostel Accommodation
Hostels provide a friendly, safe, supervised environment. You get your own room or a shared room. Dining room, games room and television room are communal. Many hostels also provide meals.

Shared rooms cost about AUD$50-A$90 per night and private rooms cost about AUD$100-A$150 per night.

Sharing a House or Apartment
When sharing a house or apartment with one or more other people, you are more independent than if you are living in homestay or hostel accommodation.

You will need to supply your own furniture if the house/apartment is unfurnished. You also have to supply your own towels, pillows, sheets and blankets.

You share the cost of rent, telephone/internet, electricity and gas. You need to buy your own food, do your own laundry and cooking.

Renting by Yourself
Studio apartments or one-bedroom apartments are smaller and less expensive to rent than larger apartments.

You need to provide your own furniture if the house or apartment is unfurnished. You also need to supply your own pillows, sheets and blankets, and pay for expenses such as electricity, gas, and telephone. You also need to clean your apartment, do your own laundry, buy your own food and do your own cooking.

Costs depend on the size and location of the apartment or house.

Estimated costs for Melbourne
Accommodation Weekly Cost Estimate:

  • 1-bedroom apartment A$300-A$480

  • Shared apartment (own bedroom) A$200-A$245

Please note: Accommodation is cheaper outside Melbourne CBD.


Global Experience
If you would like Skills Training Australia to organise accommodation, we use Global Experience. To find out more, please refer to their website.

You can apply directly through their website or Skills Training Australia can take care of this for you. 

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