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Skill Frist Funding

What is Skills First funding?

Skills First is a Victorian Government program that provides access to government-subsidised training for courses in growth industries.

 If you are eligible, your tuition fees will be lower.

 Skills First training includes qualifications and some skill sets. 

For more information on Skills First please refer to the Victorian Government Education website.

Am I eligible?

From 1 January 2023, you need to meet these requirements to be eligible for Skills First subsidised training:



You must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or

  • an Australian permanent resident, or

  • a New Zealand citizen.


Physical location

You must be physically present in Victoria while participating in training and assessment.


Course limits

Skills First funding is limited to:

  • two courses at a time

  • two courses in a year.


Find out more about Skills First.

What are my options if I am not eligible?

Other government assistance

Find out about government assistance to help you study.


Asylum seekers

If you are an asylum seeker, you may be eligible for the Asylum seeker VET program.


Overseas students

If you are an overseas student, you are not eligible for Skills First funding, but you may be able to get other government assistance for study. See the Australian Government Study Assist Non-Australian Citizens page for more information.

Next steps

Contact your preferred training provider to find out if you’re eligible for Skills First when you apply for a course. Ask them to: 

  • confirm your eligibility

  • confirm if they have a Skills First place available


To confirm your Skills First eligibility, you will need to provide documents such as proof of your citizenship or residency, and details about any study you have done. Find out more about preparing to be assessed for Government assistance

More help and information

For general information about Skills First funding and eligibility, contact the TAFE and Training Line or a Skills and Jobs Centre.

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