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Working in Australia

nternational students can work part-time while studying (maximum 48 hours a fortnight). Part-time work can give you extra spending money, and help you make friends and improve your English skills.

However, work should not interfere with your studies or attendance in class.

What is a Tax File Number (TFN)?
An identity number issued to you by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Do I need a TFN?
It is not compulsory to have a TFN. However, if you do not have a TFN, you may pay more tax than necessary on your income from your job, or on the interest on savings in your bank account.

When you earn money from a part-time job you must pay Australian taxes. At the end of each financial year (30 June), you claim back the income tax from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This is easy to do. You then receive a tax refund cheque from the ATO.

Your employer and your bank (if you open a bank account) will ask you for your Tax File Number.

When should I apply for a TFN?
You can only apply for a TFN when you arrive in Australia. You should apply before you start part-time work.

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