Policies, Procedures & Compliance

Below is a list of current Policies, Procedures, documentation and compliance information available for download:

Access and Equity Policy

Academic-Non and Academic Grievance Policy and Procedure

Code of Conduct Policy

Child Safety Policy

Social Media Policy

Student Library Borrowing Policy and Procedure

OH&S Policy

Plagiarism and Cheating Policy and Procedure

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Copyright Policy and Procedure

Student Refunds

VET Student Loans Refund Policy

VET FEE-HELP Refund Policy

Clinical Lab and Usage Policy

Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Form

Assessment Extension Form

Authorised Persons List

2019 JR Medical Booklist


VET Student Loans

For information and all policies and procedures relating to VET Student Loans please click here.

International Students

For information and all policies and procedures relating to International Students please click here.


ACPET Code of Ethics

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) is the industry association representing quality independent providers of education. Skills Training Australia is a member of ACPET.

As an ACPET member, Skills Training Australia is bound by ACPET’s Code of Ethics to maintain high professional standards in all aspects of our operations, management, marketing and delivery of quality education and training services.

Please click here to view ACPET’s Code of Ethics.


Unique Student Identifier - MANDATORY REQUIREMENT:

From 2015 all Skills Training Australia students must have a Unique Student Identifier to commence or continue their study.

It's easy to apply - log onto the following site and once you have secured your USI, contact Skills Training Australia with the details:



ASQA Audit Report:

Audit Report

Notification of Granted Renewal Application

Certificate of Registration