Employer Education Management

As an aged care or community care provider, you will be aware of the ongoing educational requirements for the people within your organisation. Tracking employee education and conforming to training regulations can often be a confusing and time- consuming issue. To make this process much simpler, Skills Training Australia offers education management for aged care and community care providers.

Through our education management service, we can take care of all the training needs of your organisation, including mandatory and in-service training, accredited training, management training, and client and family education programs. We will look after all of the education requirements that your organisation must undertake on an annual basis.

For a convenient monthly management fee, we will become the partnered education arm of your organisation, and will implement, manage, and report on the education levels and course participation across your organisation.

With Skills Training Australia taking care of your education and skills training, you will:

  • Be kept up-to date with your training requirements

Through an indepth assessment, we will learn all about your organisation's training needs. We will then track these for you, and advise you when skills training is required for your staff.

  • Save both time and money

Investing in training improves staff retention. The benefits of this are numerous - you keep staff that are motivated by, and invested in, your organisation. Staff retention saves time and money through reduced hiring needs, and optimal staff efficiency

  • Ensure educational consistency for your staff

When you have standardised training across your organisation, you can be sure that all of your staff meet the requirements of your positions, and that they all have the same knowledge base from which to work.

When you invest in the training and upskilling of your staff, they will:

  • Be trained in what you need

You can direct the training of your staff, so that the courses they are undertaking address the skills that your organisation requires. This ensures that your staff have all the requisite skills, and that they are not engaged in superfluous or unnecessary training.

  • Be groomed to progress within your organisation

By upskilling your staff through training programs, you can ensure that they will meet the ongoing requirements of your organisation, and that they are learning skills pertinent to higher level advancement.

  • Feel valued and trusted.

If you invest in the training of your staff, they will feel that you value their skills and input, and that you believe in them. As a result, they will be more likely to invest more time and energy into your organisation.

Skills Training Australia has been highly regarded within the aged, health, and community services industries for almost 20 years, ensuring that you and your staff will receive aged care and community care training of the highest quality.

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Organisational Analysis

- Training Needs Analysis
- Succession Planning

After running a complete and indepth analysis of the current education and training levels of all staff within the organisation and the current succession planning practices for team leaders supervisors and managers, we deliver a report outlining the suggested training needs for you to adhere to accreditation standards and pathways to successful succession planning.

Professional Development & Training

- Annual training calendar management
- Delivery of all In-Service Training

We then design, deliver and run a 12 month training calendar capturing all required staff into appropriate education programs, for accreditation standards and or succession planning.

Records Management

- Training history records and e-copies of all training provided
- Staff  ‘Skills Passports’
- Accreditation support – relating to PD & Training activity records

We will also manage all of the training history by regularly updating your staff education files and their individual staff passports. Copies of the certificates for in-services training and accredited training programs are supplied to the organisations for staff files along with copies being held by us for access if and when you need them.

We are offering the opportunity to bring all of your education and training requirements under one roof with the streamlined management of your education requirements across one facility or multiple facilities Australia wide. You can now deliver organisation wide consistency and standardised training for very convenient monthly management fee.

We will take the hard work and hassle out of finding training providers then having to negotiate times and days for training with over 50 in-services training programs available and multiple training sessions held over the year it could not be more pain free.

We have been trusted in the Aged, Health and Community Services industry since 1999 so speak to one of our Business Development Team to find out how we can make light work of a heavy training load.